A Great Option For Those Who Want a Fresh Look For Their Kitchen

A cabinet refinished is a small, often no bigger than two feet in both dimension, yet often much larger, than the painted painting on a wall. The term is also used for painted paintings which show large landscapes or full-length, life-sized portraits in a comparatively small, almost life-like scale, and not a portrait or head mounted on a wall. Cabinet refinished finishes are not always created by cabinet refacing in Louisville. Sometimes cabinet refacing is done separately.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets involves the removal of the old finish on the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, sanding the surfaces, priming, and painting with a wood-based liquid or paint. Cabinet refacing in Louisville is very similar to cabinet refinishing, except that the doors and drawer fronts are not replaced but only sanded and painted. The cabinet refacing process in Louisville is also sometimes called kitchen cabinet doors. Both procedures remove the old finish, sand the surfaces, prime, and paint the new ones.

Cabinet refronting, as the name implies, is a process of adding a new front or back to the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, or both. In the case of cabinet refacing in Louisville, the cabinet doors are first removed, and all hardware, such as knobs, handles, etc. is removed, including the trim ring, screw hook and other hardware. All trim rings and screws are then removed, as well as the door frame. Sandpaper is then rubbed on the surface of the cabinet surfaces to prepare them for the new coat of finish.

The cabinet doors and drawer fronts are then prepared for the sanding and polishing processes. This involves cleaning, peeling, sanding, and then smoothening. The cabinet doors and drawer fronts may be left in their original positions, or the doors may be opened and turned slightly toward the opposite direction to completely clean and prepare the surfaces for the final refinishing. Once the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are ready for the finishing process, they are placed in a “trough” position, and the finish is applied. Sanding is done with progressively lower and higher-velocity equipment.

In some cases, especially with antique or older cabinets, the cabinet doors and drawers may need to be refaced in order to match the rest of the wood of the piece. In this case, the finish is usually lighter than the one used for cabinet refinishing in Louisville. In this case, the doors and drawers are sanded again, and the polishing process is used to finish off the job. Cabinet refacing is often used when other methods, such as refinishing, have not worked. It allows the homeowner to have the cabinet doors and drawers look like new, even if the other work has been done.

Cabinet refacing is a great option for people who are tired of changing cabinet knobs or drawer pulls on a regular basis. It is also a great option for those who want a fresh look for their kitchen. With Louisville cabinet refinishing company, you get a brand new look for a fraction of the cost of other cabinet refinishing processes. With today’s economy, refinishing your kitchen is probably a better choice than ever before.

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